Alexander Ivashchenko


I'am a Full Stack Web Software Developer from Kiev, Ukraine.

For the last 10 years I provide professional web-services for my clients around the world, working with small and big businesses.

I'm skilled in PHP, JavaScript, MySQL and related technologies.

So if you have interested project and you need professional, you can contact me here.


General Scheme of Work

  1. I do the work
  2. You look at the result (at my server) and pay the money
  3. You get what you ordered (working files on your server)


If we work with you for the first time, 20% advance payment is required.


If you passionately want to pay taxes, the amount increases by 7%.

This surcharge will include taxes and bank fees.

Also we'll have to sign the Contract for "IT Consulting Services" - required for Ukrainian Tax Office.

Long-term Work

In the case of long-term cooperation, for example, working on updates on your system, the tasks will be combined into update packages.

I will charge you after uploading of every package.

I will not take money for installing the software on your server/hosting - it's free service which let me be sure everything works perfect.